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Rev. Karen Doucette

Karen Doucette serves as Community Pastor for Haw Creek Commons, including the Bethesda UMC congregation in Asheville North Carolina.  Her primary role is to offer love and care to her neighbors and to foster community gatherings at the church facility.  She is married to Mike Doucette for 27 years and has three children, Caitlin (25), Lorna (23) and Michael (17).  She was raised in Haw Creek and is thrilled to be present in the community that gave so much to her during her younger years. karen.doucette@hawcreekcommons.com

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Luke Lingle

Luke is a native of Asheboro, NC where he graduated from Asheboro High School. He attended Wingate University, located east of Charlotte, NC, where he received a B.A. in Religious Studies with a minor in English Literature. Luke and Andrea, whom he met in high school, were married in the summer of 2004. Luke went to Divinity School at Duke University where he concentrated in Christian Education and Blue Devil basketball. Currently, Luke is working on a M.B.A. through Western Carolina University.  Since 2005, Luke has worked full time within the United Methodist Church.  In 2012 the Lingles moved to Asheville, NC where Luke became an Associate Pastor at Central UMC. At Central, Luke and his family began a house church, a ministry called Theology Pub, that led to the creation of a new recovery congregation called Daybreak Community, which now worships at Biltmore UMC. In 2014, Luke was appointed to the staff of the Western North Carolina Conference as a Church Vitality Strategist. Through the Office of Church Vitality his primary Districts were Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain where he was a consultant, coach and facilitator for local churches and pastors. Luke and Andrea have five children Laine (8), Annabel (6), Oliver (5), a daughter Gwyneth who passed away, and their newest addition Celian who is seventeen months old. The Lingles love hiking in the mountains, wading the rivers of Pisgah National Forest, and playing in their backyard. luke.lingle@hawcreekcommons.com


Katey Rudd

Katey is the Cultivator at Haw Creek Commons. Her primary role is to cultivate community, gardens, coworking and maker spaces where residents of the Haw Creek community can gather and grow. An avid gardener and constant learner, Katey finds her deepest spiritual practice with the natural world, the ecology of systems colliding and collaborating, through practicing the Permaculture ethics: Care of Earth, Care of People, Share of Excess.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Texas Christian University. She is a credential Registered Dietitian and an avid nutrition advocate with a holistic approach. She is passionate about bringing families and communities together around health: growing and cooking (delicious) healthy food together, practicing physical movement, finding personal meaning and work, and evolving daily through spiritual practice. katey.rudd@hawcreekcommons.com


Bryan Mitchell

Bryan is a cultivator of community at Haw Creek Commons and a prior of residential intentional communities in Asheville. His primary calling is practicing full presence with and listening well to others. Utilizing these gifts, along with the gift of administration, he facilitates the spaces, experiences, and conversations for people to explore and practice Christianity. He believes it is through community and spiritual practices that we find the Triune God who whispers the answers to our burning life questions. Bryan most recently graduated from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. During his time there, he focused extensively on different residential intentional community models and how to implement a series of them in Asheville. His vocational history is as varied as they come – city planning, campus ministry, small business entrepreneurship, fundraising, church staffing, consulting. After a long, experimental, and revelatory journey, he can say that he has been led by the Spirit to where he is today. Bryan is a resident of the Haw Creek community along with his wife Meredith and their daughter Charlotte. He enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, reading, and experiencing all that life has to offer. bryan@hawcreekcommons.com