Community Garden Corner

It is nearing time to prepare Haw Creek Commons Garden for Spring planting! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener who wants to teach others or a garden newbie who wants to learn, we invite you to come garden with your neighbors in Haw Creek. We had several faithful gardeners last year and are looking forward to growing the garden community. Gardeners can take home a share of the harvest and the rest is used for our programs and given to Manna Food Bank. Our first workday will be Tuesday, March 14th.  Garden work-days are Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-5:00pm and Saturday afternoons from 1:00-3:00pm during the early spring season. If you would like to be involved but these days and times don’t fit your schedule or for more information, email Katey Rudd at

Haw Creek Commons
Meet Our Bees!

We recently added an exciting feature to Haw Creek Commons—bee hives. We started with four hives: two Langstroth hives whose focus is honey production and two top bar hives whose focus is beeswax production. The bee yard is complete with bear fencing (aka electrical fencing) as well as a privacy fence to deter hive theft (apparently a big deal in North Carolina).

The bee yard is primarily managed by Holly Roach, a cultural organizer and, entrepreneur, and the founder of our Thursday evening meditation group and potluck. She spearheaded starting Haw Creek Bee Club which provides free monthly bee keeping classes at Haw Creek Commons. We currently have eleven members—two of whom, being inspired and empowered by our classes, have now decided to become Certified Bee Keepers! Members are now involved in caring for the bees and the club is developing a rotating care schedule This has been a great point of connection while we await the completion of the construction of the main campus.

A few weeks ago we made "bee candy:"a supersaturated sugar solution combined with apple cider vinegar, and medicinal essential oils that will act as food for the hives all winter. We also recently made pollen patties for the remaining hive so it will have lots of food to explode their population and make a new queen. 

The Haw Creek Elementary Homegrown Kids after-school program toured our bee yard during our All About Insects class and it was very well received by kids and parents alike. We hope to do additional programming this coming year—possibly paid workshops to generate income and create sustainable programming.

Our rationale behind the installation of a bee yard was several fold:

  • Pollinators are necessary for a healthy local ecology and our own food supply, yet they are becoming extinct due to chemical sprays and pesticides

  • We wanted our community vegetable garden pollinated

  • Keeping bees is a fantastic point of sustainable education and demonstration

  • They will become a source of honey for our production  at HCC

  • We may potentially generate income through honey and nuke (bee "starter packs" for spring hives) sales

  • A community member approach us and want to help lead an awesome program on our site!

Our bee yard is the perfect picture of combining community vision and a flexibly designed space which can evolve with the community. If you or someone you know would be interested in learning about beekeeping, becoming part of the care team, or starting a hive of their own with community support, please contact Holly Roach at

We would love for you to join us! Join our email list to get updates on the Bee Club. 


Haw Creek Commons
Welcome to Haw Creek Commons

Haw Creek Commons is, at it's most basic, church reimagined. Many people who are part of the HCC might not attend a worship service. They will be more likely to work, garden, collect honey and food, have meetings, make commercial grade food, attend an event, and teach workshops! Missional Wisdom Foundation is an organization that offers reimagined models of church facility use by repurposing, in the case of HCC, church buildings into shareable co-working, cooking, meeting, event, and workshop spaces. At HCC, the exterior of the church building is also repurposed into shared usable space as a community garden, beehive club, and play areas for kids.

Missional Wisdom Foundation partnered with Bethesda United Methodist church to invest in the   Haw Creek community by offering spaces for work, play, learning, food, and, most importantly, community.

So, please have a look around at and see how your dream of community might be hosted and nourished at HCC!

Haw Creek Commons