Renovation: A Reflection on Season By Luke Lingle

As I write this, I cannot help but be thankful for the morning sun, the chirping birds, and the blooming flowers. It seems like just days ago it was foggy and raining and the world seemed gray and cold. But today reminds me that there are seasons of waiting and seasons of new beginnings. I think that working on a large-scale renovation project is like the passage of time from one season to another.

For many of us it feels like the renovation of the church building at Haw Creek Commons has taken a long time. We are patiently waiting to work in the new co-working space, cook in the kitchen, create with local artisans, and worship in the renovated common space. This anticipation must feel a little bit like the anticipation our world feels right before spring. Green buds are just out of the ground, flowers strain to meet the bright sun, humanity is reenergized by the much-needed vitamin D.

We are in the home stretch of our renovations. We are finishing floors, painting walls, and ordering furniture and kitchen supplies. We are excited that we will be able to open soon, and begin sharing the gift of community through our work, our food, our friends and family, and through our shared interests.

Together, we create community through our shared lives. Together we live through each season. Together we anticipate the life that springs forward while being thankful for the rest we get during waiting seasons. We are leaving a season of waiting, thankful for the pause, and excited about the season ahead.

Haw Creek Commons