Imagining Community by Luke Lingle, Director of Community Development

Is community a place we go or is it something we create? Is community an idea or is being in community a way of life?

For me community is something that people create together. That is idea behind the Commons. We hope to provide space for folks to be in relationship with each other and create community together.

Which brings me to Legos. My children love Legos, so I am not exaggerating when I say that we have thousands of Legos. One of my favorite things to do is to build new Lego sets with my children. It is so gratifying to follow the Lego instructions and, at the end, have a completed project that looks exactly like the picture on the box. But, my children immediately dismantle the completed project and mix all the Lego pieces into the rest of our Lego pieces. Then they begin to create new things out of the Legos that have not existed before.

The process that my children participate in is an imaginative process. Imagination is the ability to create that which we have not seen or experienced before. Imagination is at the core of creating community. When we create community together we are creating something that we have not seen before—a community that is unique to this moment in time. Creating community is an imaginative process that brings together the hopes and dreams of each community member. Haw Creek Commons is a place where we hope folks create community together. Through imagination we participate in an incredible process that does not necessarily look like we expect it to but allows us to create community together.

So, bring your imagination and explore this thing we call community together. What is community?


Haw Creek Commons