Missional, Naturally by Andrea Lingle

Sometimes in life you know where you are. Right at the feet of your kids. And they have something to teach you.

Last September I saw an invitation for kids in Buncombe County to submit a grant application for a thousand dollars in the name of making where we live more awesome. My eldest son, Laine’s first response was, “let’s make a natural playground at Haw Creek Commons.” Haw Creek Commons is an intentional community space that Missional Wisdom Foundation has been curating for the last few years.

It is about twenty minutes from our house. We drop by there about twice a month.

I asked him why he wanted to do a project there, and he said that there were lots of kids at the elementary school who could play there. Whether or not he understood the theology behind it, he recognized that creating space for people to gather is a step toward grace. That, right there, is missional wisdom.

I wish I could take credit for it. I wish he didn’t fight with his brother. I wish he would eat his vegetables.

I am not sure I could be more proud of being his mother.

I sat down with him in the new meditation circle, a feature of the natural playground, and asked him about this project.

A: Hey, Laine why did you want to have a playground at HCC

L: Well, I wanted one because, well, there’s an elementary school…back, back there: Haw Creek Elementary School. And usually the kids come to play at that playground, and well, and that playground usually gets filled up so, like, if kids want to come here or because they need more space to play or something like that they can just do that because there’s a…there’s a lot of space.

A: What do you think about how it turned out?

L: I think it turned it great! Because, well, I saw the mulch back there. That was awesome.

A: What’s your favorite part?

L: My favorite part is the swing.

A: That’s awesome


Check out the video of Laine's awesome interview. 

Haw Creek Commons