Welcome to Haw Creek Commons


Haw Creek Commons is, at it's most basic, church reimagined. Many people who are part of the HCC might not attend a worship service. They will be more likely to work, garden, collect honey and food, have meetings, make commercial grade food, attend an event, and teach workshops! Missional Wisdom Foundation is an organization that offers reimagined models of church facility use by repurposing, in the case of HCC, church buildings into shareable co-working, cooking, meeting, event, and workshop spaces. At HCC, the exterior of the church building is also repurposed into shared usable space as a community garden, beehive club, and play areas for kids.

Missional Wisdom Foundation partnered with Bethesda United Methodist church to invest in the   Haw Creek community by offering spaces for work, play, learning, food, and, most importantly, community.

So, please have a look around at and see how your dream of community might be hosted and nourished at HCC!

Haw Creek Commons